What Clients Are Saying

"She is a professional in the truest sense of the word and I am confident that if you hire her, you will be delighted with her performance."

-Peter Casey, Creator of hit TV series "Frasier"


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"Mathilde has brought our dog Bara into our life.  She helped us realize how important it is to understand and communicate with Bara and she taught the kids how to interact and play in a safe and friendly manner. Forever grateful!"

-Fred and Peggy North, Venice CA

"My daughter had wanted a dog for a really long time. I had asked Mathilde to help us. Mathilde researched this for a while and one day called me and said: “come to meet this dog from Eloise’s rescue” On Mathilde’s advice I decided to take Lulu home, when I got there my daughter was overjoyed, and since then they have been inseparable. Mathilde set us up with a training program and showed the kids how to behave, interact, play and care for Lulu. She has been with us for 3 years now and we could not imagine life without her."

-Una Fox, London UK

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"My husband and I had promised our son a dog. Mathilde helped us find the best match for our family and our home.We thought she was simply going to train our dog but instead, she taught us how to behave with Night, a black labrador puppy from a local rescue. Mathilde helped us learn how to understand Night and taught her how to respond to our requests.Without Mathilde’s patience and guidance, we were in danger of spoiling our new companion, which would make Night very unhappy because we would react negatively to her natural, but disruptive behavior. Mathilde showed us how to modify these behaviors rather than punish them. Mathilde is an extremely knowledgeable trainer, who genuinely understands animal psychology. We highly recommend her to help you choose and train your pet."

-Liam, Allen and Corinne Chaix, Venice CA

"Mathilde you are a true talent with animals! Your gentle approach and intuitive insights into how both dogs think and behave, and how we behave has been invaluable for us to develop a positive relationship with our puppy Kona since you started working with her at 13 weeks.  
Your positive training techniques are clear, simple and most of all sensible. You showed us how simple and fun techniques can create harmony in our home environment. Results have been immediate. You taught us how to integrate your positive training methods as part of our everyday healthy lifestyle we share with Kona. This in turn has made our experience as a first time dog owner fun and enjoyable!    
More than anything, my eight year old daughter Ava who adores you, has been the biggest beneficiary from your training. Your Children’s Program has been instrumental to Kona and Ava’s bond with each other. Regardless, of how much Ava loves animals and dogs, after the novelty of a new puppy wore off, it was hard for her to know how they could play with each other in a positive, fun and safe way. Through your work with both of them, Ava has gained understanding of the importance of consistency, repetition and her role as leader of the pack when engaging with Kona. This has given Ava the confidence and ability to successfully relate with Kona in a fun and loving way and thereby further perpetuating their bond. Today Ava and Kona regularly play the fun and active games you taught them and Kona has total respect for her big “sister” Ava. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with you!"

-Belle Scott, Brentwood CA

"Mathilde coached me on finding the best possible match for my personality and lifestyle when I started making the rounds of shelters in my search for a dog.  She explained what to look for, and how important it is to resist the urge to adopt simply out of pity.  She made it clear how crucial it is to check for certain character traits in a dog, and how those would best integrate with my life.  As a direct result of her coaching, I restrained myself from adopting the very first dog that appealed to me.  I methodically checked the shelters using Mathilde's guidelines.  Finally, I found my soulmate for life, the best match imaginable, all because of Mathilde's perfect advice." 

-Kayla Allen, Malibu CA

"Iris was our first dog. Mathilde guided us in making the choice of breed in relation to the characteristics we wanted. Once we brought the dog home, Mathilde gave us endless tips, so not only were we able to help Iris adapt to our lifestyle, we were able to learn how to be her master. Without Mathilde’s precious advice, Iris would have taken over the household. When Iris was 2 years old, Mathilde taught us, along with my 6 year old nephew, a trick in only 30 minutes. Iris still happily shows off that trick everywhere she goes. She is an amazing dog that brings so much joy to our family."

-Carine Podoroski, Avignon, France

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"My family and I hold Mathilde very close to our hearts.  When my sons were little boys and wanted a dog I asked Mathilde if she could help us find one.  We wanted to rescue an animal that needed a home so for weeks Mathilde went to shelters on her days off looking for the perfect dog.  When she finally brought one to our house I asked her, “Why this one?”  And she replied, “Because he has a good heart.” Buster was a treasure and a beloved member of our family for 15 years."

-Peter Casey, Toluca Lake CA

"With Mathilde adopting a dog is pure pleasure. She helped us find the perfect dog for our family at the German Shepherd Rescue. She was able to immediately recognize the future trait of the puppy that we fell in love with. She helped us train him with great gentleness. Her professionalism and efficiency was amazing. Our dog reached all our expectations: sweet, obedient, good guard dog and loving with kids. Today Boozgy is 6 years old and when I have questions I still refer to Mathilde. It is a true joy to have her in our life and in fact she has become part of our family."

-Dany and Yael Boon, Pacific Palissade CA

"It was love at first sight. My husband and I, who are middle aged, were looking for a mature dog that was already well behaved. We knew that Mathilde was very connected in the dog world so we asked her to keep a look out for a dog that would be a fit for us. Sure enough in a couple of weeks Mathilde had found Sammy, soon to be the pride of our household. Sammy was in need of a new home and was already so well trained that he was a joy from the moment he walked through the door. We loved Sammy so much, maybe even making our grown children a little jealous..
Thank you Mathilde for our happy years with Sammy, the perfect dog."

-Millie Hannan, Los Angeles CA

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mathilde De Cagny for her pet placement and training services.  My family benefited from her experience and expertise when it came to finding the perfect dog for us.  When I found what I thought to be the perfect puppy, Mathilde accompanied me to the shelter to have a look.  She made sure the dog was healthy, gave me tips about what this particular breed mix might behave like and helped me feel that I was making a good decision about a new family member.
After adoption, Mathilde, continued to help us with training Zazu. Not having had a puppy as adults, my husband and I had much to learn.   Our young boys, 5 and 7 years old were also brought in on the training. They were guided in how to handle Zazu, walk her and in general play with her in a positive manner.  Mathilde had so many insights on dog behavior that we were not aware of. Trust me when I say Mathilde will make the search and placement of your newest family member a joyful experience."

-Dotty Cramer, Santa Monica CA

"It may "take a village to raise a child," but it takes one Mathilde to train Clovis. I gave Mathilde the arduous task of training our border collie puppy, Clovis. Miraculously, Mathilde was able to school Clovis so as to not chew our things, to nip, to urinate inside, jump on our furniture, and to follow our commands. I am indebted to Mathilde in guiding Clovis to becoming the well-behaved and kind-hearted dog he is today".

-Mona Girodet, Brentwood CA