Early in my life I developed a passion for dogs and a fascination for their behavior. My love of these complex animals led to my professional life of training dogs for films, and in this capacity I established a strong intuition for finding remarkable dogs.  Many of the dogs that I have found for films were rescues from local animal shelters and to this day I am committed to finding homes for as many rescue dogs as possible.

My experience has inspired me to create a dog-training program for families. I want to help both dogs and their new owners thrive so that fewer dogs end up in shelters.

Often dogs land in shelters because they take over and start ruling the household. It is a normal behavior as they are pack animals. The hierarchy within a family is very important. It has been my experience that dogs almost always consider children equal or lower in the pack hierarchy. That is why the children need to be established at a higher rank, it creates a functional relationship in which the dog understands its place.   

I consider training a lifestyle and vital for true harmony in the home with an animal. I focus on training the family, so that they can train the dog. My approach includes an emphasis on common sense, psychology, communication and consistency. Training doesn’t happen in one session but through repetition and daily practice within the particular idiosyncrasies of the family.

When I train, my role is similar to a translator. I recognize the body language of a dog and read its behavior, enabling me to convey the meaning to its owner.

Above all, training is FUN! Incorporating games into training makes it even more enjoyable for both people and dogs. These games ultimately help develop training skills.

I am grateful to have what I consider the best job in the world working with so many talented animal actors and wonderful families. I thank Gary Gero for giving me this opportunity and starting me off on this amazing journey!